what sort of city was london in 1885

The French Protestant Church of London, the only one of its kind in the city and constructed in the Flemish Gothic style, has been at Nos. However, thanks to a notorious 1887 case, Sir Charles Warren was reluctant to be too strict on street prostitutes. White, Jerry. 8–9 Soho Square since 1893. In 1885 the Criminal Law Amendment Act was passed by Parliament. John Carpenter, Town Clerk of London in the reign of Henry V, was famous as the author of the Liber Albus, a compilation of the laws, customs and privileges of the City, the memory of which had been threatened by the depredations of the plague. The tea gown shown in Figure 13, reflects influence from both reforms, especially in its “medieval” bands of embroidery. The London rich : the creation of a great city from 1666 to the present. The West End of London first became an embryonic pleasure district during the late 18th century. History of the School by Lionel Knight MBE. The … Music. White, Jerry. President Grant's coffin on the funeral car outside New York's City Hall. Historical events from year 1885. In 1885 a Law of Parliament was passed that empowered the City of London Corporation to build the bridge. Viking: London… The Theatre Royal Drury Lane was already viewed by many as, in effect, a National Theatre. July 23, 1885: Former U.S. President and hero of the Civil War Ulysses S. Grant dies at the age of 63. In 1885 there were 13,319 police officers in the Metropolitan police to deal with five million people in London; The Metropolitan Police was split into 20 Divisions known by a letter of the alphabet. By the mid 1880s a trade depression had led to mass unemployment in London. Dock workers struggled to feed and house their famioies, and a City committee had been set up to raise Funds for the alleviation of poverty and starvation in the East End. His enormous funeral procession in New York City signals the end of an era. Horace Jones was named architect and received the title of gentleman, but he died the same year passing responsibility for its construction to engineer John Wolfe Barry. Piccadilly Circus, London, 1908. Of course parts of the East End were, without doubt, lawless ghettoes where the people lived in appalling conditions. The Act took a tougher stance on Prostitution and gave the police the power to close down brothels. LONDON'S MANY GHETTOES. This article complemented a five-part BBC Two series The Victorian Slum , showing modern families living in simulated slums, which aired in autumn 2016. The 1881 census showed that London's population stood at nearly four million. Criminal Investigation Department (CID): The Metropolitan Police also had a … But this was also the case with the rest of London. Viking: London, 1999. Learn about 109 famous, scandalous and important events that happened in 1885 or search by date or keyword. Chelsea, Westminster, Lambeth, Marylebone and even the City of London, all had their enclaves that were as bad as, if not worse than, the East End slums. For example, the famous London store, Liberty, opened its dress department in 1884 and carried looser styles inspired by the Aesthetes and dress reformers (V&A). Jonathan Cape: London, 2007. Getty Images. London in the twentieth century : a city and its people. London in the nineteenth century : "a human awful wonder of God". The music scene in Soho can be traced back to 1948 and Club Eleven, generally regarded as the first venue where modern jazz, or bebop, was performed in the UK. In 1764 an establishment run by a Mrs Martin off St James’s Square seems to have been Britain’s first hotel. Jerry White is professor in history at Birkbeck, University of London, specialising in working-class London life since 1700, and author of London in the Nineteenth Century (Jonathan Cape, 2007).

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