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Starting on the valley floor, the trail winds through cottonwood and alder forests, passes though heather filled meadows and ultimately climbs well above tree line to a breath-taking view of the Icefield. Related: What are the most popular tours in Seward? Hiking possibilities Exit Glacier/Lost Lake/ Harding Icefields Sat. The Exit Glacier Nature Center leads Ranger-led hikes for various levels, and several tour companies offer guided hiking and ice climbing excursions from Seward. It climbs 3000 feet … More rooms have been added to the original structure in recent years to accommodate the growing popularity of Seward as a tourist destination.Â. If you choose to answer it there are gentle ways of guiding people. Your answer is yes.. they are having one on Sept 1. Look back in time, when viewing the expanse of the Harding Icefield. The magnificent coastline of Kenai Fjords is steep valleys that were carved by glaciers in retreat. A guided hike to Marmot Meadows along the Harding Icefield trail is also available every day of the summer season at 9 am and lasts 3 to 4 hours. Meet the ranger at the Exit Glacier Nature Center for any of the ranger-led activities. This pre-dates Alaskan statehood and gives our motel an “Old Alaska” charm you won’t find at the name brand hotels. Rangers also lead hikes to Marmot Meadows with is a stop along the strenuous Harding Icefield Trail that takes about three hours to cover almost three miles round trip. Often I shake my head at some of the questions asked (and try to refrain from answering, instead just clicking the 'back' button). Would anyone know if the rangers will be doing a guided hike up the Harding Icefield on Saturday, September 1? Welcome to Murphy’s Alaskan Inn  where your comfort and convenience is our pleasure. Park your RV in one of our meticulously groomed lots and spend time with your family gathered around our pristine fire pits, picnic tables, and walking trails. It is over 1,000 feet deep. Looking out amongst this landscape gives a glimpse of what once was and how glaciers shape and carve the earth. As an 8.2-mile round trip hike, Harding Icefield Trail is a strenuous trail at the best times of the year. While adventuring in Kenai Fjords National Park or exploring the picturesque town of Seward, be sure to stay with us! Completing the strenuous Harding Icefield Trail represents quite an accomplishment. The Harding Ice Field Trail is one of the featured hiking trails. The ranger will also teach you more about this unique landscape. Hike with a ranger. Featuring Victorian-style furnishings, the cozy rooms offer flat-screen TVs, in-room sinks and shared bathrooms. Here you can explore the trails, walk very close to an active glacier, or take a ranger-led walk.. Would you hike to the Harding Icefield? Rangers lead guided hikes on the Harding Icefield Trail on Saturdays in July and August. The trail itself is only 3.8 miles out, but you'll need to access it via the Exit Glacier Paved Path, which adds to the overall distance. Hiking the Harding Icefield Trail you’ll be transported to another time. Hike up the Harding Icefield among fields of fireweed and mountain goats to feel the icy breeze meet you at the top. Seward Hospitality Group owns and operates 3 conveniently located hotels in downtown Seward as well as an RV park just outside of town. You’ll get a view of the past and more importantly, seeing the Harding Icefield Trail will give you a strong sense of what’s to come. haahaa. People come here for help, not to be berated. Get answers to your questions about Seward, Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Seward, Hotels near Seward Community Library & Museum, Hotels near Alpine Air Alaska (Seward, AK). Look over one side of the trail to see the neon blue crevasses and moraines of Exit Glacier and on the other side, an alpine wilderness blanketed with wildflowers. There are ample opportunities for breaks on the way up as well either to rest or to enjoy the view and have a snack. Harding Icefield Ranger-Led Hike With an elevation gain of 1,000 feet in one mile, Hiking the Harding Icefield is not easy. "Ranger Talks" are held in the Exit Glacier Pavilion at 12:30 pm. I'm laughing with you, not at you! July 20: : Drive to Homer. Options to hire a private guide from the Seward area are also available if you prefer to share the trail with someone familiar with the area. You can just call me the cold one! Come see Exit Glacier as it flows down from the Harding Icefield. Kenai Fjords and Resurrection Bay Half-Day Wildlife Cruise, Kenai Fjords National Park Glacier & Wildlife Cruise, Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise from Seward, Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts on Kenai Fjords tours. Heck, I've been the "lazy OP" once (or twice) sorta forgetting that what I was looking for was probably "out there" and easily found if I had just tried harder. The trail takes six to eight hours, gains 1,000 feet in elevation and can be considered strenuous. Dress in layers as the winds blow off the glacier, the air becomes chilly. There is an image in the National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of hikers at this spot with Exit Glacier filling the frame in front of them. On the left side of this page it's easily visible, Click on it and you get all possible ways to contact park ranger station. There is probably not a single regular contributor here on the TA Alaska Forum who hasn't responded in a similar fashion to a question where it appeared the OP was too lazy to either Google, search the TA Forum or make a phone call themselves. The icefield is a remnant of the Pleistocene ice masses that once covered half of Alaska. The Edge of the Glacier Trail offers the best views of the front of the ice, while the Harding Icefield Trail climbs some 3,500 feet (1,067 meters) for views of the giant Harding Icefield (the source of 38 named glaciers). I didn't see the phone number listed on the website otherwise I would have called and asked myself. Answer 1 of 12: Would anyone know if the rangers will be doing a guided hike up the Harding Icefield on Saturday, September 1? JMHO, This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Stop at Marmot meadows at 1.4 miles and then  Top of the Cliff at 2.4 miles up. It's been a long summer season of helping (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Fun Fact. Harding Icefield Trail climbs 3,500 feet in 4.2 miles to the top of the cliff. When people ask, I describe the “HIT” as a ‘life hike’…simply you’re not likely to do anything like it in your entire life. Beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park in Seward offers something for everyone. One Way Cruise Vancouver - Seward, then what? This 8.2-mile roundtrip hike is sure to not disappoint if you are ready mentally and physically. Camping is permitted along the Harding Icefield Trail corridor, but you must set up camp at least 1/8 mile from the trail on bare rock or snow. ​Preachers Pond RV park allows you to see Seward Alaska in its most natural form. If you are ready for an unforgettable vacation to the Alaskan wilderness, book your stay with us today! Accessible by road and a short trail, this glacier shows visitors the landscape a … After getting off a wildlife and glacier tour, stick around in Seward for some hiking, camping, and opportunities to get up close to nature. For example if you think they need to just get a map, one could say something like: If you look at a map of ****** you will notice that**********. This is a full-day hike … You may want to attend a ranger-led hike up the Harding Icefield Trail for both safety and knowledge of the area. I simply cringe when I read some of the responses from the regulars. Dating from 1916, this landmark traditional hotel is a 4-minute walk from the Alaska SeaLife Center, and a mile from Seward Boat Harbor and the border of Kenai Fjords National Park. Our motel is located near Kenai Fjords National Park Visitor’s Center & the small boat harbor, the departure point for all fjord tours and fishing charters. Hiking the Harding Icefield Trail Completing the strenuous Harding Icefield Trail represents quite an accomplishment. Because of all the snow it’s the first time this year that the rangers have led a group up to the ice field. NPS photo / S. Wright (2017) The Exit Glacier area is the only part of the park accessible by road.. The 8.2-mile round trip Harding Icefield Trail is a spectacular day hike. The 700-square-mile Harding Icefield, one of four major ice caps in the United States, crowns Kenai Fjords National Park. (no... really). Today the 700 square feet of ice and snow is dotted with glacial islands of exposed parts of mountains known as “nunataks”. Harding Icefield Trail is an epic 8.2 mile round trip hike with an elevation gain of 3812 feet. We planned to join a ranger-led hike of Harding Icefield Trail, an 8.2-mile roundtrip hike up a mountain and back down, much of it alongside Exit Glacier. There are Ranger led Harding Icefield hikes from 9am on Saturdays in July to August. Following the Glacier Overlook Trail for 0.4 miles (0.64 km), the Harding Icefield Trail branches off to the right (well-marked). Although taking on the whole trail can be strenuous, families will still enjoy the walk even if they decide to turn back half-way. You will begin at the valley floor, then make your way through forests of alder and cottonwood to eventually find yourself at an awe-inspiring view of the icefield: a horizon made of ice and snow. Come in an RV? ... Ranger-Led Walks. There is a short interpretive talk at 12pm and ranger-led walks daily at 10am, 2pm and 4pm, from Memorial Day through Labor Day on the Lower Trail, as well as a longer guided hike to the Harding Icefield (gaining 3,500 ft in 4.1 miles) takes place at 9am on Saturdays in July and August. The ranger-led hike ended at what had been the terminus of the trail as recently as 2010. Speaking of views, a good portion of Harding Icefield Trail is above treeline so jaw-dropping vistas abound. The icefield may be a remnant of the Pleistocene ice masses once covering half of Alaska. At Kenai Fjords National Park, families are encouraged to take advantage of ranger-led hikes in the area. We also own and operate a small, quiet, and secluded RV park outside of Seward. Arriving in Seward and realizing all there is to do and see here will have you wishing you’d stayed longer! Gorgeous greenery and fern-lined trail with a roof of alder | Purchase P rints. The 8.2-mile out-and-back hike along Harding Icefield is a spectacular outing. Hoary Marmot along the Harding Icefield Trail in … Murphy’s Alaskan Inn is family owned and operated since 1992. We just did the Exit Glacier hike since we've been hiking nonstop on this trip. The National Park offers the ranger led hike at 9 am but it only goes up to marmot meadows. The hike to the Exit Glacier is 2 miles round trip and I believe Harding Ice Field is 8 miles RT or 16 miles. We make it easy for you as we also operate 6 restaurants in Seward. Allow all day for this hike-6-8 hours. Seward Hospitality Group, For the ultimate Alaskan getaway, book your stay with us today, If you are ready for an unforgettable vacation to the Alaskan wilderness, book your stay with us today. Tours leave from the. There's more hikes through out the park not … These walks are approximately 1–2 hours long. Come prepared to hike the Harding Icefield Trail with layers, water, and trekking poles. This magical spot brings you face to face with a quintessentially Alaskan experience. Walks depart at 9:00am from the Exit Glacier Nature Center. Kenai Fjords National Park near Seward is a wonderland of ice, glaciers, and ocean. Sometimes we just loose ourselves in the moment. more. It’s quite out-of-date. Wondering where to eat before or after a hike? … We will be there in July. Kayak Bear Glacier or Alalik Glacier first week of September, Another Question: Tracy Arm/Sawyer vs PWS or Ailek, Opinions please - Millers Landing "Best of Alaska" tour. The Kenai park ranger staff offers some ranger-led hikes of the Harding Icefield Trail. I just wish people would ignore questions that bother them. Do you think you would be up to the challenge of the Harding Icefield trail? At the top, the Harding Icefield itself can be viewed, its 700-square-mile expanse stretching as far as the eye can see*. Looking for a smaller full day boat tour in early Sept. Is there a better week in June for Seward. These last approximately 20–30 minutes. Journeying out with a ranger will help in case of emergency. Walks depart from the Exit Glacier Nature Center. Become a Junior Ranger Is there a company that offers a guided hiking trip for the Harding Icefield hike? A trail at the edge of the ice field I got out to the Exit Glacier nature center early enough to see that a large group was forming for the ranger-led hike up to the ice field. Exit Glacier: A visit to Exit Glacier is like a trip back in time. The tundra ecosystem is prime habitat for wildlife such as bears, mountain goats,  hoary marmots, and moose. Rangers-led hikes along the Harding Icefield Trail often occur during the summer. A- cause it's easier for me to do it? No reservations are required. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. They are free to join. There are so many questions that could be answered quicker with a google search than taking the time to post and follow up or by just looking at a website like mentioned above. NPS Photo / F. North. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-43103577', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Alaska tourists, I suppose. Using the power of your own body to get to this alpine Eden is an experience that you’ll carry with you for many years to come. This is one of the best places to get a visual of how quickly these effects can take place. Our hotels put you within walking distance to other Seward attractions as well as 6 restaurants we own and operate. Walking up to see an immense icefield before you is an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime. Tours leave from the Nature Center every Saturday in July and August. You may want to attend a ranger-led hike up the Harding Icefield Trail for both safety and knowledge of the area. Seward Air Force Camp or private lodging? Harding Ice Field: The Harding Icefield covers more than half of the park and conceals an entire mountain range under several thousand feet of ice. From Denali to Seward-overnight in Anchorage or not? The Marina Motel was established in 1956 with the original 11 Standard rooms, lobby, and manager’s quarters. This area has long been studied for the effects that climate change has on glaciers. Wow, that was a bit rude. While doing the entire hike of 8.2-miles up to the icefield is sure to be unforgettable, even a shorter hike affords amazing views of the valley below and Exit Glacier’s terminus. Don’t forget to bring your camera as you are sure to see these inhabitants especially during the summer months. © 2020 All rights Reserved. When we mapped out our Alaska trip and looked at long and unique ranger programs that we wanted to work around, we found a ranger-led hike to Harding Icefield (8 miles round-trip and 3800 feet elevation gain) that we wanted to jump on. The icefield is a remnant of the Pleistocene ice masses that once covered half of Alaska. The Harding Icefield Trail is a great ambassador for the changing environment because of how easy it is accessed by people from all over the world. Hiking the Harding Icefield Trail you’ll be transported to another time. There are unlimited ways of why hiking here is worth your time, but here are our 5 favorite reasons to hike the Harding Icefield Trail. Why not stay with us 3, 4, or 5 nights in order to explore all the Seward area has to offer?! Since my main job is to lead the day hikes I spent the second half of yesterday scoping out the Harding Ice Field Trail. If you are prepared and willing, a hike up the Harding Icefield Trail will give you a spectacular reward! Hikers can expect sweeping views of the Exit Glacier area as they ascend high above the trailhead. Lush trees, bears, and vast icefields of Exit Glacier. The 8.2-mile round trip provides a spectacular day hike. ( often many never even return with a thanks) It wasted less than 5 minutes of my time.. and for free. That's OK skates. From boat rides on the sea where you can witness marine wildlife to hikes that bring you as close as you can to a glacier, there is a wide variety of experiences to have in this incredible place! Then offer to help if they have any other questions. Join a park ranger for a short walk, interpretive talk, or a day hike and learn more about your park.

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