uncured smoked bacon recipe

Smoked back bacon is the other. I should know , since I been a butcher in Ontario for 35 years. If you don’t want the skin, it pulls off reasonably well while the bacon is still warm, or you can use a thin bladed knife to carve the skin off the slab. You can cook this bacon on any smoker or even a grill with a smoker box. https://www.realtree.com/.../how-to-cure-and-smoke-your-own-bacon This is my Big Green Egg Smoked Bacon recipe. Peameal bacon is one of two bacons we called Canadian. The injected liquid also adds weight to bacon, but it impacts the texture and taste. I'm going to detail my steps for you here so you can follow the process with my two recipes for a maple cure and a sweet and spicy peppered cure. https://howtobbqright.com/2013/02/08/how-to-smoke-pork-belly-bacon-recipe I leave it on. This recipe is surprisingly easy, and the bacon is much better than store bought. Making your own smoked bacon is not difficult, works out cheaper than buying it sealed in plastic, and gives you endless options as to what flavor you like best. Once smoked, remove the bacon, and optionally, remove the skin before letting it cool on a rack. and most Americans who come up to buy Canadian Bacon want smoked back bacon not peameal bacon Posted Sun, Dec 21 2014 5:42PM Bacon is injected with a curing liquid and is rested for 6 to 24 hours before being heated and/or smoked. If you’re using a grill, set up it up for 2-zone cooking and smoke the bacon fat side up (as the fat renders it will run down the meat) over indirect heat at 175-180 degrees F (don’t exceed 200 F) for about 3 hours or until the internal temperature of the bacon reaches 150 degrees F. Add a handful of wood chips a couple of times during the smoking process. If you don’t know about the Big Green Egg check out our overview. https://amazingribs.com/.../pork-recipes/how-make-smoked-bacon-home Making homemade smoked bacon is a several day process, but it is totally worth it. The skin cooks up a little tougher and crunchier than the rest of the bacon, some people like it, some don’t. And before you say anything different. If you don’t have a Big Green Egg don’t worry. Cole Cooks: Big Green Egg Overview. Immersion curing is very similar to pumping, except bacon is left to cure in liquid for 2-3 days, then hung to dry. Go To Recipe . On the negative side, your friends and relatives won’t stop pestering you to make them a smoked pork belly of their own, or to share your best electric smoker recipes .

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