resources for applying to graduate school

It is important to note that while many PIs may respond to emails about the programs at their university, it is equally likely that they will be too busy to reply. For examples, see the following website (, Be prepared to provide a CV or list of relevant experiences that you would like your letter writer to touch on as they write your letter. Will anyone read your email? Only say this if it's true, of course. This list is not comprehensive. ... and then they will match students to faculty based on students' interests and faculty resources. Secrets for Securing Research Funding Apply early — and often — for success in funding your research as a graduate student. This information can usually be found on the graduate schools’ admissions page or a FAQ page associated with the graduate school department. Below is the master list and book suggestions list. When reaching out to potential mentors (see below), it may be helpful to attach your CV. Resources for Applying to Graduate School This page provides resources and general guidance to Cal State LA students exploring graduate and professional school pathways. This site includes general resources on choosing accredited doctoral programs, application tips, and a database for post-bacc RA positions. Here is a link to a list of Clinical & Counseling Psychology PhD programs (, USA and Canada Psych PhD/PsyD GRE Requirements. ) Student Resources. that lists accredited clinical psychology programs in the US and Canada to help you build a list. If your GRE score would help increase your chances of gaining acceptance to graduate school, then consider submitting it if the programs you’re interested in applying to are still accepting it as a part of the application. Is there a specific aspect of the program that you are excited about (a specialized track, some part of their training, etc.) There has been a recent shift towards making the GRE optional or removing it entirely from the graduate school application process. There are funding sources available for prospective students that pay them a stipend and contribute money to the students department/program, relieving some financial burden from the student’s institution. If you are interested in being applying to become a Clinical Graduate Student, please listen to this podcast to hear from Keith Payne, Ph.D., the Director of Graduate Studies here at UNC! and their decision on whether they will waive the GRE for upcoming application cycles. For context, doctoral programs and PIs commonly take on the expense of students’ tuition and stipend through various funding sources. CVs typically include information like work experience, achievements and awards, scholarships or grants you’ve earned, coursework, research projects and publications of your work. Pursue connections/relationships with graduate students who may be able to serve as mentors and assist you in conducting an independent research project. Home Many students are unaware that it is sometimes possible to obtain an application fee waiver. It walks you through the reasons that you would want to email faculty and how to go about doing so if you decide to. The number of letters required varies by program, but generally you will be asked to submit at least 3. A helpful resource for making this decision is the following blog from UC Davis ( As a post-bacc RA you could gain experiences recruiting participants, running participants through protocols, managing data, creating coding schemes, performing preliminary analyses, coordinating IRB applications, and mentoring undergraduate students. They just had too much going on to respond. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 DPW was rescheduled to be a virtual event which will take place in late October.

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