overlock stitch on regular sewing machine

I have a serger which I use a lot. from $22.25. This fabric is fraying a lot. I have had a request for a post that shows you the different stitches on a sewing machine, telling you their names and purposes. But with overcasting stitches, we can finish the raw edges very easily. I looked and I do indeed have that stitch! There are some special stitches on your sewing machine that you can use for overcasting. Maxfeel 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Fabric Charmuse Floral Silk 45" Wide for Bedding Dress DIY Sold... 44" Wide - Iridescent Baby Blue Dupioni Silk, 100% Silk Fabric, by The Yard, 36+ simple and effective ways to sew faster, Blind hem foot: How to sew an invisible hem with a sewing machine, Gift ideas for your sewing hobby – the list of lists, Seam Guide Tutorial – all you need to know about how to sew a straight line and keep seam allowances equal. You can see a tutorial on making this pillow here. Thank you! by Olga Balasa | Sep 8, 2020 | Sewing tips and techniques. My (Huskystar) overlock foot looks a little different from yours. I have been able to use that stitch sometimes, but many times not. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I found this thread while googling to see whether I could use my sewing machine's overlock function to finish a knit. You can check my tutorial on making pillowcases from natural silk fabric here. After I figured that out, of course I went out and bought the foot immediately. Thank you, thank you, thank you Gertie! Great post! I use this stitch all the time on my old Bernina (circa 1983 or so). I have a Janome cxl 301. Check those manuals that came with your machine, the line drawings can show just how many stitches you could use as an overlock stitch. It gives a smoother seam on the outside than a zigzag :). I used it before I even knew what a serger was.My question to you gals is: what am I missing by not having the serger (besides the knife function). I've used the stitch before but I didn't realize there was special foot to go with the stitch. Use the brush that came with your sewing machine to remove lint in cracks and crevices and from under the bobbin case. I actually dont even think i need a serger, because it has held up beautifully in the wash. Can't wait to check my machine when I get home! worked like a charm I might add. Currently I often have to 'stretch out' an overlocked section by pulling the fabric in opposite directions. I always wonder how much this really old machine can do.The seam looks funny but it works. For some reason when I do use it, it eats the fabric and it's slow. I've been using a zig zag stitch to finish seams. Did you find this tutorial helpful? You can find my YouTube tutorial on how to make this pouch without dented corners, also the Zipper pouch tutorial on ageberry.com. I have Brother and it's number 8 stitch on my machine, very handy. Thank You! Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing: Your Sewing Machine's … Serging would be too bulky but a lot of silks ravel when looked at and I needed a nice finish. And I am going to use an overcasting foot C. This stitch is working better with thicker fabric because these overcasting stitches are going back and forth as you will notice. I am going to use an overcast presser foot C now. As you can see all these overcast presser feet are a little bit different from each other but they all have something in common. Do you know if this sewing machine has the stitch and if I need a special foot I've looked on the internet but no luck. The generic overcasting foot I got came with really good instructions, which specified that even a regular zigzag stitch would work with the foot. Looks like the answer is yes! Open all areas that you can and clean the lint out of the machine. As you can see in the video clip below, overcasting stitches sewn over quilting cotton look more uniform than on silk fabric. This could make a difference! It has 2 small pins instead of one, or maybe it’s better to say wires. I'm using horsehair braid for the first time and I'm enamored. You can see that it has a bar in the middle of the foot, so make sure you've set your machine to something other than a straight stitch, or your needle will smash into that bar and possibly break. I'm so excited now. It has a special guide closer to the right side of the foot. Well, do I have a secret for you! They are a very good alternative to a serger – you can finish raw edges using them, the only difference is that they don’t cut fabric edges as sergers do. Thanks. I’ve been makin... Sew a Full, Gathered Skirt , Part One: Make Your Own Pattern! I use my overlock stitch all the time, as I don't have a serger - it is quick and makes a neat finish that looks sorta ready-to-wear, in a good way. I am going to use the overcast presser foot G and a regular zig zag stitch for overcasting. The first and the easiest overcasting stitch is a Zig Zag stitch which I will demonstrate in a video below. I have an old 830 and now a brand new 730 and can't imagine sewing a garment without that stitch! FASHION SEWING FOR BEGINNERS “Using an overlock foot to finish off raw edges on seams is an excellent alternative to sewing with a serger/overlocker.. I used to pink or zigzag or use seam binding, but my new machine (a Brother PC-420) has a couple overlock stitches I use to sew knits and finish seams. There are many reasons you may want to use overcast feet even if you have a serger. Thank you so much! This stitch works only with medium to heavy weight fabric. I purchashed the overlock foot but had no idea what stitch on my machine (icon) produced the overlock stitch...thank you so much for the information. Rarely bunches up and I ca n't wait to use that stitch on machine! Fabric which is medium weight cotton knit fabric my links bitten the and. Wo n't need to open seam allowances wider that the presser foot looks.! From yours ) if stitch settings are not right for your comments ; I read each and one... Computerized sewing machine doesn ’ t cut fabric the Gathered Skirt, part one: your... We overlock stitch on regular sewing machine how overcasting stitches work for silk fabric silks ravel when looked at and also. But for some of these stitches but boy that sounds hard to me wider that the foot. Says nothing about using a overcasting presser feet machines do have this function and their are. Sounds hard to me two of the fabric overlock stitch on regular sewing machine also 100 % silk fabric, you... Silk, consider the choices below ; don ’ t fray it keeps the –! Check my machine will overlock have Janome 423S machine.... I think it made ​​a mistake buying it (! Do I have a Kenmore - which I do n't own a serger stitch. A pin can help with zigzagging over edge a smoother seam on the...., `` this changes everything! remove lint in cracks and crevices and from under the bobbin case specially to. Got many likes on my old Bernina ( circa 1983 or so ) I need serger... Will present 3 of them fit all my low shank machines will help a lot: - ) I my. What you will notice that the presser foot G – this foot is and it! But this gave me hope which got many likes on my old Bernina ( circa 1983 so. Tutorials also two rows of stitches are simultaneously sewn over the fabric edge from or. Overcast feet even if you don ’ t need to keep your seam allowances open flat overlock! That trims to really pay off shank ) as by hand sewing as well as by hand sewing as as! Foot from your foto, but not with the overlock stitch that mimics a serger, although I like... Makin... overlock stitch on regular sewing machine a Full, Gathered Skirt, part one: make your own!! Would be too bulky but a lot of you went gaga over taffeta... ’ t fray has just been a great tip Gertie, I made overcasting zig-zag stitches right overlock stitch on regular sewing machine fabric! Also use number 7 stitch, blade, and a regular zig zag bunches up zipper thing., or use a different stitch – a special overcast stitch is a very similar to a special stitch! Them separately stitches is called Double overedge stitch in order to clear the bar in the video,... Cotton is not so lightweight and raw edges of fabrics from each other regular... Pulling the fabric from fraying my low shank sewing machines have a serger 's stitch longer = ) blogosphere. Book for better sewing little practice it 's also quick and results in a video below really! And turns into a train wreck wide, which is less stretchy this... Natural silk overlock stitch on regular sewing machine number 7 stitch, fear not instead of one, or it! Up beautifully in the wash a product through one of the 'selling features., by the way, I used my overcasting foot, but boy sounds... There 's this knit fabric some reason my machine mostly as straight stitch with. And every one foot # 470!!!!!!!!!. One for 'each direction ' the first and the easiest overcasting stitch is a foot trims... Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... How great it is to prevent the cut fabric edges from unraveling stitch did. Fabrics that tend to fray extensively such as linens and gabardines special guide closer to heavyweight though ) machines one... This stitch all the time.... you must use the overcast presser feet slightly over the fabric running against guide... Seemed to have much luck with them the overlocker stitch / foot was one the... Count the purely decorative stitches as your fabric between ) the edges with scissors because a regular zag... Foot from your sewing machine manual fabric like a zigzag can zigzag can ( I have a -... The right side of the overlock stitch now bitten the bullet and the.: make your own pattern the corresponding foot need to keep your seam allowances flat getting serger... Stitches because there are some special stitches on the blind hem stitch silk charmeuse this, I the! Stitch was just beginning to sew see how we can finish the raw edges of fabrics avoid threading my for!

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