how to build a bread oven in your backyard

Using the Plan Follow your plan exactly. A pair of handles left over from a previous project completed the door. This would require rebuilding that end of the porch to allow for a screen door, building a shed roof for protection from our very frequent rain, and leveling the ground in that area. Layer by layer we pressed the clay into itself around and over the dome, being careful not to press into the sand dome. I dug a square hole 54” wide and about 6” below the frost line and leveled the hole. on Step 15. so................not sure at this point. The exterior doodads have all popped off. I am working on starting a bakery, and have been wondering about doing something like this for some more special breads, in addition to stuff baked in a regular oven. This exterior shell was layer up in the same fashion as the other two layers with great care not to push the clay into the insulation layer. You and your wife are incredible artists. Since then we have baked bread, pizzas, backed beans, veggies, and bagels in it. The smacking helps consolidate the clay into one cohesive shell. The oven exterior can be made of cob — a mixture of sand, straw and clay; or adobe — a simpler mixture of clay and sand. The decorative items have all separated. We decided to use what we had. The Oven:  I used a string with a pencil to draw a 23” diameter circle on the firebricks. After a period of time (the "soak" period) the door is removed. Obviously, the first and most important step is planning. We built a wood-fired oven, or WFO, if you prefer. I used: Find a level section of the yard to build the oven. 9 years ago The oven should be at least 10 feet away from wooden structures or buildings to comply with fire codes. The odd rustic look is made by the insulation - that's clay slip mixed with sawdust. Building a WFO (wood Fired Oven): In the spirit of off the gridness and in an effort to be more self-sufficient, my wife and I recently tackled a new project at home. It also needs to be accessible enough to be useable. Cement patios are a good starting choice if available; a cement slab can also be poured to use as the base for the oven. When only coals are left, the door is placed. If you want to see my pics you can goto and see the steps I used. Coarse Sawdust – free from a local lumber mill. An outdoor wood-fired oven gives us another option for many kinds of cooking. While it was very hot, we cooked up a few small pizzas. The resulting 12” void was filled in with an insulation mixture made of sawdust, perlite, and clay slip. It actually worked! Bricks are laid on the flat foundation to form a floor, or "hearth", for the oven. Did you make this project? They are relatively easy to construct and can be used from natural and recycled or purchased materials, allowing the homeowner to decide how expensive the project should be. This excerpt is from From the Wood-Fired Oven by Richard Miscovich. The exterior shell was paddled and shaped into a smooth cover. Build the base. We start our fire at least 2 hours before showtime and continue burning while we cook. If you’re going to use the oven a lot, you’ll want to build the oven floor at waist-height. It will come down this summer, probably. It’s easy make mistakes when building a brick oven. We got our laser thermometer from sears but harbor frieght has them cheap also.It gives a reading off whatever its pointed at. The WFO is a lot of fun to built and use. I did not fill the last layer of block so that the insulation layer would be deep enough. We finally decided to locate our WFO off the end of our screened front porch, facing away from the wind. We dumped wet sand in a pile on the bricks and painstakingly molded a dome. Over the inner clay dome, we laid up a 4” layer of the same insulation material used for the floor. An extra chunk of tile-backer was cut to shape and screwed onto the inside surface of the door for a heat shield. I have a laser thermometer that says that I have an average cooking temp of 750 or so. Gently place a risen bread loaf on your peel (the shovellike tool for moving bread). The Oven Floor:  We purchased 16 medium-density firebricks from the fireplace shop and set them into the insulation layer. 8 years ago Since we are part-time potters, we happened to have a sixty-gallon garbage can full of left over clay from the past couple of years. Plan. 9 years ago When she hit newspaper, she knew that she had reached the inside of the dome. After the sand was removed, the newspaper was carefully peeled off the inner clay dome. 7 years ago Thats amazing. Equal quantities of sawdust and perlite were carefully measured by the shovel-full into a wheelbarrow.

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