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The FET Compressor offers fully variable controls all the way down to a 1:1 ratio, with a dedicated “ALL” setting for “all-buttons-in” mode. Famous for its simple control set and radical compression characteristics, the dbx 160 plugin features nonlinearities not found in other VCA compressors, giving it a sonic personality all on its own. Winner: Most Versatile. Waves PuigChild 670 Vari-MU. The source material is an 8-bar drum pattern from Mixosaurus. Waves’ emulation of the legendary dbx 160 hardware compressor/limiter faithful captures the sought after character of the original hardware unit. Here's a shootout between the Waves CLA-76 "Blacky" and the Softube FET Compressor. Waves skipped no details and left those knobs exactly the way they were when designing this plugin. The same goes for the Waves Audio API 2500, the Waves Audio SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, the +10db, and especially the Softube FET Compressor, all of which we would be proud to have in our ever-expanding plug-in collection. For example, a track that features an average dynamic range of 10-14dB may only need 1-3dBs of compression at any given time. The Urei 1176 is one of the most popular hardware compressors in existence. The ambience comes from Mixosaurus' Teldex Reverb Chamber. The logic FET compressor is a reference to an 1176 hardware comp. Softube FET Compressor. you'll hear audible saturation/distortion, and certain high frequencies might be boosted. A FET compressor is what you'd turn to if you want to impart a distinct sonic fingerprint on your vocals. FET compressors are a great way to get vocals to pop out of a mix and sound very aggressive. FET is very colorful and fast. It’s intuitive controls mean it’s also great for sidechaining and parallel compression. The VARI-MU is capable of applying little to no compression when the threshold is just being touched (close to 1:1) whereas a sudden spike will trigger stronger compression (much higher than 1:1) for just that instant. The most widely used FET compressor is the Urei 1176, which has been emulated in plugin-form by many different companies such as IK Multimedia, Waves, Universal Audio, and others. It gives a warm sound whilst keeping vocals and drums punchy. Softube FET Compressor– Save 48% at PluginBoutique. The Softube FET Compressor looks more like a vintage stereo than an 1176, but it sounds great and includes a number of useful upgrades. It is capable of incredibly fast attack and release times due to its FET circuit, and infamously features “backward” attack and release potentiometers. The tests use Kit A Dry and have no processing other than these 1176 emulations across the drum buss. The Softube FET Compressor plug in is a digital model of a classic FET design.

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