chongga kimchi costco

They do a fairly decent job and the kimchi is “edible” as my … [Chongga]Cabbage Kimchi 3kg. Chongga is a very popular kimchi brand so I was a little surprised to see it come in fourth. There was nothing really… wrong or bad about it. SKU: [Chongga]Cabbage Kimchi 3kg Category: Kimchi… Chongga Mat Kimchi is imported from Korea, while Halm’s Korean Won bok Kim-Chee, is made in Honolulu. The closest Costco … Kimchi … Yakisoba noodles, (a Japanese noodle that is stir fried) can be found at Hawaii … Anyone know if any of the Costcos around East Bay stock Chongga kimchi? Compare. Product Notice : 100% made in Korea. Please keep in fridge at all times. Add to cart. Last time I went to the Costco near SFO, I remember seeing Chongga brand kimchi there (the one with the green lid) for a way better price than what I usually see in Asian stores. Add to Wishlist. Chongga; Jo San (Cosmos Food Co. produces the Cosmos, Jo San and Frieda's brands) King's Spicy Kimchi; Tobagi; Brands sold in NYC and not as widely distributed: Bing Gre Kim Chee Pride; Mama O's; Mother-in-Law's Kimchi; New York Kimchi (Kum Gang San) Sunja's; The Criteria. Product Manufacturer : Chongga.

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