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But... then I read the sticky here and was intrigued by the Sky-watcher … RACI finder addition saves neck strain… will add to my OneSky ASAP! I was able to keep the protrusions inside the tube low profile enough so as not to interfere with the plastic shroud sliding in to or out of the tube. OneSky Expeditions was founded by Mike Simmons and Babak Sedehi, Founder and Past President of Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), and former AWB board member, respectively. I’ve seen some setups that used the OneSky on a CG-4 with added drives modified to support guiding but a mount with built in drives and auto-guiding capability would be a better place to start. Watch the video and read our announcement. This truss design means that the tube of the scope is collapsible down to just fourteen inches long, so that it can easily be put into your carry-on bag. Whether local events or online, watching or sharing, science or art, there’s something for everyone. The emphasis now is on building the Centre for Science Education and Observatory in Usa River, Tanzania. “Pleiades to planets” as they say. The OneSky’s provided base is too bulky for me to travel with so a mount that packs smaller is needed. Did you ever think on make your own instruments accessories? All Rights Reserved. The original recording had gaps in it. Your email address will not be displayed with the comment. Know any that you’d recommend with this? amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Good tip on taping the focuser threads. Thus begins the search for a more portable telescope or travelscope. I’m glad to hear the additions shown here were helpful to you – they have made my scope more enjoyable. The Louis Cruls Astronomy Club organized here in our city, Campos dos Goytacazes, here in Brazil on September 25th, Friday,... Telescopes to Tanzania (TtT) brings scarce educational resources to this developing country in east Africa. amzn_assoc_asins = "B0000XMVFO,B0000XMVDG,B0000XMVE0,B003JFQQ6A"; I love everything about this scope! George, Programs and activities are made possible by the participation of AWB members. Join the select few visiting astronomy outreach and education groups around the world, under the sky we all share. View a replay of the conversation in here: Tog…, RT @PaulMattSutter: Join me and special guest Mike Simmons, the founder of @awb_org TONIGHT for what's sure to be a thrilling episode of Sp…, RT @thenightskyguy: Night/Morning Sky: Watch all 7 major planets in 1 night! The addition of the RACI finder makes star hopping to faint objects much easier than relying on the 2.5º max field of view available through the telescope eyepiece. TSS Board index; Articles; Photo of the Day; Reviews; Contact us; Quick links. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Everything fits into an AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack, though it is a bit tight. The tension may be a concern in the long run….I experienced some bad luck with the “red” wrapped 3-M product coming loose on other projects – especially when it gets cold outdoors. Astronomers Without Borders. Tom, The Vivitar bag does not have straps to attach the tripod, but it is possible to carry them both in the same hand by grabbing carry handle and then putting the tripod into the same hand before closing your grip. The bag I use with the OneSky is a Vivitar RGC-12 camcorder soft sided carry case. A Celestron C5 provides similar aperture in even less volume and weight but the OneSky has the advantage of going over 1º wider with a 32mm Plossl. amzn_assoc_linkid = "7d9b16bbafe919692c605e4115400e88"; NOTE NEW RE-SCHEDULED DATE: October 14th 9am PDT Join us for this very special program featuring Nicole Stott, retired NASA astronaut. At first I thought I might need to move the secondary out of the way, either by sliding out the trusses completely or disassembling the upper collar, but then I found the second method you describe would work. Saturn: See the Ringed Planet at its Best! The best scope for families, beginners, and those that just wa… Unfortunately, the AWB OneSky 130 is only available in the U.S. AWB OneSky. Thus, we have concluded “Mars Observation Week_2020” and online photo-exhibition dedicated to the Red Planet being in opposition and shining... Greetings Astronomers! The mount weighs 6lbs and collapses to 28.5″ long. Price: around $300; Type: Refracting; Diameter: 90mm; If you’re looking for a starter refracting telescope, the Celestron AstroFi 90 might be among the best bang for your buck out there. Original content copyright 2015 by David Philips. A Celestron C5 provides similar aperture in even less volume and weight but the OneSky has the advantage of going over 1º wider with a 32mm Plossl. The OneSky’s design makes it simple to add a light / dew shield that slides into the OTA as the scope collapses giving the protection of a solid tube reflector telescope with the portability of a collapsible truss design. Comments are moderated and will not appear until they have been approved. The Bogen 3011 is what I currently use with the OneSky, it is light at only 5lbs and useable at 180x though vibrations take a few seconds to settle. I don’t see any rings so did you drill some holes and fasten it directly? A reflector telescope wit ha 5-inch aperture, this is the consensus pick for best telescope on a … Evening sky reveals W to E, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mars…, Thank You to William Swanson for renewing your contributing membership in our global AWB community. Hmm, astrophotography demands a lot of a mount and is not an area where I have much experience. Since buying the OneSky I’ve made several modifications to customize the scope and enhance its performance for the way I use it. Has it’s durability stood up to wear and tear since you wrote this? NOTE: Please view the complete version at I long ago came to the conclusion that the AWB Onesky 130 – while an excellent beginner telescope – is basically atrocious for photography (see above for reasons). AWB Unveils One People, One Sky Video. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "davidp-20"; There are custom built travel Dobsonians that provide 8″ of aperture in a package not much bigger than the OneSky. The biggest improvement has been the addition of a shroud constructed of 1/32″ Kydex plastic to protect the previously exposed secondary mirror from the contrast robbing effects of stray light and dew. Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) is excited to announce the release of our new One People, One Sky video highlighting our non-profit’s messaging of how the starry skies has the power to unite people. AWB OneSky 130 Telescope Travel Bag. Which first telescope under £150 / $200 Skywatcher Heritage Onesky AWB 130 Video 3: Simple Mods - Duration: 8:20. Ditto for the handle? Portable, affordable, powerful,and a great cause to boot! Nowadays, alternatives for creating your own tools and... Hello Astronomers! RT @Astro4Dev: The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has released a resource guide #Astronomy of Many #Cultures. The AWB One Sky is a mini-dobsonian truss design telescope. If you’re outside the U.S., consider the Skywatcher Heritage 130P. I find the DwarfStar to work well with the scope and when it is balanced the movement is very smooth. I had a lot more success simply using my Canon 200mm + TC, despite the awful coma. The scope seems to maintain collimation relatively well over several sessions. The addition of a cabinet pull for use as a carry handle makes one-handed handling of the scope a breeze. Maybe pop rivets? That may be due to the outward pressure of the rolled shroud being held by the collar and other parts of the OTA so the tension is mostly into the tape rather than away. My OneSky travelscope in action. The darkest skies I regularly encounter are on family trips to rural areas. Compared to a solid tube reflector the OneSky requires maybe an extra 10 seconds to extend the OTA. I’d suggest searching and reading the Astrophotography forum at Cloudy Nights for setups that are close to what you are looking for. Here is my mobile Observatory in a Bag, which I can easily transport by foot, bicycle, bus, airplane, etc.

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