arabic perfumes names list

There are so many vareity in Arabic Perfumes but few Arabic Perfumes brands like Ajmal Perfumes, Rasasi Perfumes, Maryaj Perfumes and some perfumes like Ashab Al-Saadah, Khalis Oudi, Oud Sharkia and Oud Sharqia Abiyad are the best Arabic Perfumes in Pakistan. Designer Al-Rehab has 195 perfumes in our fragrance base. Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group was established in 1974 in UAE. Perfumes are the must have accessory for every woman and man. Al-Rehab is a new fragrance … "The history of Swiss Arabian is an … Perfume history can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Halal Perfumes Brands for Men. Al-Rehab produces liquid perfumes, perfume oils (or attars, which is a traditional name of Arabian perfumes), solid perfumes and fragrances for home. Arabic: Islam: Aafia: The name signifies the person who cool and composed and free from all worries: Girl: Arabic: Islam: Aafiyah: the word means Healthy, or it signifies the person who has a state of well being: Girl: Arabic: Islam: Aafiyat: Health, freedom from illness. The Group owns several perfume brands, including Swiss Arabian, a luxury perfume division. Girl: Arabic,Malay: Islam: Aafreeda: the name … The word perfume comes from ‘per … We have compiled the collection of best Arabic Perfumes Names List … You can choose a fragrance concentration you prefer: all perfume oils and solid perfumes are alcohol free.

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