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Goats experience a worm problem when the worm count grows so that the worm burden is more than the goat's immune system can handle. This week, let’s talk about some ways you can help control livestock parasites in addition to using chemical dewormers. I would add .5 ml extra per dose category. Goats have a basic ability to resist gastrointestinal parasitism. Miniature goats are gentle, friendly and funny animals that make great pets for families. Signs such as paleness of the gums or lower eyelids, diarrhea, rough hair coat, or poor growth may indicate anemia and can be cause for alarm. 66-70 14 I contacted the vet that originally recommended it and they gave me the goat doses which are higher then those in sheep. Across most of the USA, Haemonchus contortus (barberpole stomach worm) is the primary internal parasite causing illness and death in goats. In areas where rabies is rampant, some veterinarians recommend that you vaccinate your goats for rabies, even though it isn’t approved for goats. 36-40 8 There are some who feel that since the commercial worm preparations are not "organic", they cause significant harm to the animals and should be avoided if at all possible. Preparing lambing paddocks with "Smart Grazing - summer rainfall" Qld/NSW Summer Rainfall / Slopes and Plains, Breed and feed for resistance and resilience, Smart grazing to control scour worms in weaner sheep, Smart grazing to control barber's pole worm in lambing ewes, Roundworm lifecycle and larval availability, Other occasional parasites of sheep and goats, Pasture and browse for worm control in goats, Combination drenches - benefits and efficacy, Drench rotation versus combinations to combat drench resistance, Drenches for goats: using products correctly and legally, Drenches for goats: using cattle and horse anthelmintics, Drenches for goats: alternatives to registered commercial drench products, Withholding periods for worm, lice and fly treatments for sheep, Checking for drench resistance with a DrenchCheck, Testing drench effectiveness with a DrenchTest, Collecting dung samples from individual sheep or goats, Assessing worm burdens without a WormTest, When to collect drench test faecal samples, WormBoss is now Australia's goat worm control resource, Monthly updates to save you time and money, Goats: (live from 1 November). To achieve effective deworming, both the animals with a vermifuge and the paddocks with a good rotation and the non-fertilize cut grass with caprinaza should be the treat. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you know your herd has been battling parasites you can begin worming kids as young as 2 weeks with a natural goat dewormer (chemical dewormers should be done, at the earliest, at 9 weeks of age). The directions for dosing should be on the pack. Welcome to the small farm forum, please see the details below regarding the Q drench dosage rate. This wormer contains no artificial chemicals and is non-toxic and non-sickening. In my area the round worms are resistant to it, so I use Alben by Virbac ( Albendazol ) instead. Regional Drench Decision Guides for goat producers are the next best thing to having a discussion with a veterinarian or advisor when weighing up treatment and testing options. Permaculture – What is it? Hi, how would I go with one beef cow in with my goats. The WormBoss website,, has a wealth of new information in an easy to navigate format. There is no shame in this for the breeder. Tapeworms require using a dewormer such as Valbazen. We do rotate paddocks as well. Commonly used oral wormers include Safe-Guard, Ivomec and Cydectin.

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